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The benefits of our services

Cost Savings

The use of drones can reduce the costs associated with traditional surveying and inspections, such as having to hire a surveyor or engineer to physically inspect a site.

Improved Efficiency

Drones can be used to identify and rectify problems quickly and accurately, meaning construction projects can be completed faster and more efficiently.

Faster Data Collection

Drones can capture a wide range of data quickly, allowing for faster data analysis and decision-making.

Who Are We

We specialize in using drones for construction, real estate, and inspection sectors. Our services include aerial mapping, drone video and photo services, and construction site surveys, which help you identify potential issues and manage your resources more efficiently.

By using our services, we can access hard-to-reach areas more easily and provide more detailed and accurate data than traditional methods.

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Our clients

Coffrage Evolution
Colliers canada
Kingsboro Construction
Ville de Montreal
Cité Urbaine
Groupe Mach

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